What is an IoT Platform? And How to Choose One

Within the value chain, there are numerous technologies in place that help gather, move, and interpret data based on your needs. An IoT platform functions ostensibly as a software interface between users and devices, which means that it affects everything from device management, analytics, and human interface. Philips Healthcare used an IoT platform to improve their healthcare products and services. The platform enabled them to monitor patient data in real-time and to provide personalized healthcare services to their customers. Running connected devices on a platform like this helps organizations reduce operating costs by making their networks more efficient and more stable. This reduces the cost of deploying these systems into new locations and maintaining them over time.

iot platform meaning

The company is the only industrial IoT vendor to take an identity-centric approach to managing industrial IoT networks. With the introduction of the Industrial Grid, OpenText has created a complete, end-to-end Industry iot platform vendors 4.0-ready IoT platform and network. The industrial IoT platform is responsible for securely establishing, enabling and managing trusted interactions across the digital ecosystem of people, systems, data and devices.

How To Avoid Data Overload From Your AI Surveillance System

Because IoT is a system of systems, rare is the organization that has expertise across all the relevant domains. IoT platforms exist to help businesses overcome technical challenges without the need to figure it all out in-house. MachNation distinguishes between two types of IoT application enablement solutions and vendors. The internet of things connects billions of devices to the internet and involves the use of billions of data points, all of which need to be secured.

But, it’s not simply about the devices, an industrial IoT network is really a digital ecosystem of people systems and things. An industrial IoT platform is required to securely and effectively manage each element within the ecosystem. These platforms handle tasks like provisioning software, device management, secure data storage, and analytics. For a company that’s just adopting IoT, it enables rapid deployment and iteration. And in a more mature IoT operation, these platforms save hours of work by making maintenance a one-click job. A platform for the Internet of Things is a collection of programs that manages the connection of devices and enables developers to create new IoT software applications.

The different types of platforms

The IoT device platforms you used pre-market fit might be too expensive or bloated to deploy at scale. At this stage, it’s common to completely redesign your IoT device to meet your specific product and company goals. Once you find product-market fit and are ready to scale, it’s time to invest in custom hardware. Your goal is to optimize for form-factor, cost, supply chain, and serviceability. As you gain traction in the market, your focus will shift from product-market fit, into the pursuit of profitability. That is the time to invest in custom hardware for miniaturization, reduced cost of the bill of materials , longer battery life, better supply chain agreements, improved serviceability, etc.

iot platform meaning

The relationship between the technology developers and governments who manage the city’s assets, is key to provide open access to resources to users in an efficient way. Monitoring and controlling operations of sustainable urban and rural infrastructures like bridges, railway tracks and on- and offshore wind farms is a key application of the IoT. The IoT infrastructure can be used for monitoring any events or changes in structural conditions that can compromise safety and increase risk. The IoT can benefit the construction industry by cost-saving, time reduction, better quality workday, paperless workflow and increase in productivity. It can help in taking faster decisions and saving money in Real-Time Data Analytics. It can also be used for scheduling repair and maintenance activities efficiently, by coordinating tasks between different service providers and users of these facilities.

IBM Watson IoT

But, depending on how you want to go to market, it may be smart to research pre-built options. Depending on your situation, you may save a lot of https://globalcloudteam.com/ time and money by partnering with one of these platforms. Walmart, which used an IoT platform to improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

iot platform meaning

There are hundreds of players in this space now, some of them admittedly rather self-proclaimed IoT platform vendors. As mentioned in an article on the MachNation 2018 IoT AEP ScoreCard, the MachNation MIT-E test lab for IoT platforms looks at several IoT platform test categories from the perspective of performance and overall evaluation. As explained in an article on the role of IoT platforms, in the strict sense an IoT platform is an IoT Application Enablement Platform or AEP. Let’s already say the IoT platform has become an important part of IoT and Industrial IoT deployments and that there are several types and vendors with their own focus and go-to-market strategies.

Over-The-Air Firmware: The Critical Driver of IoT Success

Additionally, companies and consumers will spend nearly $15 trillion on IoT devices, solutions, and supporting systems from 2018 through 2026. For example, you could be asking yourself what happened in the hours, minutes, or days before your boiler malfunctioned? Sure, you have the historical data in your IIoT platform that you can then extract and troubleshoot, but by the time you may find the Root Cause Analysis, you may get pulled into another fire. Ready-to-use applications to visualize, analyze, and uncover insights from your data speed up this process so you can get back to peak operations.

  • Digital transformation is on all manufacturers’ minds as they aim to navigate the challenges today and in the future.
  • Development of resource-constrained devices connected to the Internet also means that other applications like earthquake or tsunami early-warning systems can also be used by emergency services to provide more effective aid.
  • An example of this is the use of IoT devices for connected assets to monitor the health of remote machines and trigger service calls for preventive maintenance.
  • IoT Application Enablement Platforms create and deploy applications that leverage IoT data, whether they’re smart home devices or industrial control systems.
  • A gateway device to aggregate and transmit data back and forth to the data network.

The needs of a healthcare provider might look simple on paper, but they’ll quickly have to navigate sector-specific requirements around data storage and be able to reassure patients that data is being transmitted securely. The IoT network in that sector will be shaped by regulation and risk assessments as much as technological needs. Fromsmart buildings to self-driving vehicles, IoT has vast potential to change the way we work and live.

A few words on IoT application enablement platforms

For example, government-owned utilities can use IoT-based applications to notify their users of mass outages and even of smaller interruptions of water, power, or sewer services. IoT applications can collect data concerning the scope of an outage and deploy resources to help utilities recover from outages with greater speed. An example of this is the use of IoT devices for connected assets to monitor the health of remote machines and trigger service calls for preventive maintenance. The ability to remotely monitor machines is also enabling new product-as-a-service business models, where customers no longer need to buy a product but instead pay for its usage. Data centers or cloud services provide deep data analysis, processing and storage. OpenText is one of the leading industrial IoT companies that delivers a complete range of industrial IoT services based around our IIoT platform.

iot platform meaning

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Protect Technologies and Data Storage

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